I already have Point Of Sales System at all my stores, what can i-Center do more?
i-Center is designed to handle point of sales across multiple outlets, locations or regions. It lets you segment outlets by business type, by location, by demographics, by region, by products divisions etc. Standardize or personalize campaign can be automated across fast .
i-Center provide flexibility so you can deploy campaign across outlets, be it in line with corporate priorities or adapt to locality trends & requirements.
Acting as central operations console, i-Center prioritize the essence of retail/ F&B business, keep tabs on inventory/ menu distribution, royalty program,
promotion setting, discount offers, price factors & so on.
It ease up team’s bulk of operation resources, boost great efficiency, making retail/ F&B business catch up with current trends & make better revenue, delivering quick ‘wins’ at the locations or regional level. The ultimate ‘POS management tool’ also enables team’s upcoming follow-ups. Dimensional reports or
analysis summary can be reviewed & cross reference or summarized. Analysis can be reviewed by separate entity, summarized or in consolidated manner.
Headquarter or region can assign campaign, monitor results and optimize every outlet/ region performance, ideal for business expansion!

Key Benefits :
 Multi POS management - stocks, promotions, royalty, price etc
 Flexible to roll campaign across outlets - standardize or adapt
 An efficient & affordable agent between outlets & headquarter
 Summarize or console multi outlet bills to summary or analysis
 Powerful report tool - customize to meaningful analysis
 Better POS management and outlet monitoring
 Better Promotion Setting
 Better voucher/coupon features
 Better centralized POS reporting

Key Features :
 Screen design enable fast setting: users access, modifier, promotions etc
 Centralized or modify menu & disperse to outlets
 Different pricing level for multi ‘Unit-Of-Measurement’ setting
 Determine the stocks to be available at specific location
 Salesperson name or access to be available at specific location
 Centralized user access for POS user
 Multiple Barcode for stock item, easy setting
 Multiple discount by Group eg VIP 10%, VVIP20%, Maybank card 10%, Citibank card 20%
 Multiple discounts by location.
 Enhanced Online/Offline voucher
 Multi payment acceptance - consist of multi credit card, voucher & cash at the same time
 Counter grouping for easy & meaningful analysis
 Sales summary, inventory summary consolidated or view separately
 Powerful & flexible report

Price: MYR 2,000.00

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