Product Description
NIGEN Web Based Time Management System data is now stored in the web allowed you to view the performances of your staff at anytime, anywhere. Though by internet connection you will able to login NIGEN Web Based TMS and gain access features that will tackle any workforce issue such as monitoring and tracking staff's attendance and whereabouts. You can create and manage effective scheduling by using multiple scheduling templates and generate reports automatically.

For greater productivity, you can go through by smart phone application to view your staff Schedule Report and their Daily or Monthly Attendance Report. So we can more easily to monitor our staff disciplinary issue. In phone application we also can apply Change Shift, Off Day, OT and Official Business Hour, in the same time supervisor and manager also can approve or reject their application.

NIGEN Web Based Time Management System that's not only for us to monitor our staff attendance, it also include E-Leave Application through by smart phone internet connection. NIGEN E-Leave Solution gives us easily to reduce the workload of HR departments and managers with automated information storage and display as well as configuring options, all accessible via simple smart phone application through internet connection. All out staff can go through smart phone application to apply their leave, and the supervisor or manager also can approve or reject their leave application from their smart phone.

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