GO-Global is the simple and secure application publishing and virtualization solution that makes it easy to extend the reach of your Windows, UNIX and Linux applications to your corporate network or the Web – without modifying a single line of code. So now your Windows users can run heavy-duty UNIX applications right on their Windows desktops. And Linux, UNIX and Mac OS X users can run their favorite Windows programs. What could be easier than that? Visit www.goglobal.com.my

Benefits & Features

Powerful Application Access Capabilities

64-bit Windows Support.

GO-Global Windows Host 4 supports both 64-bit and 32-bit applications running on the x64 versions of Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, and Windows 7.

Automatic Client Updates.

Administrators can configure GO-Global to automatically update Windows Clients when users connect to a GO-Global Host that is running a newer version.

Enhanced Printing and Management.

Client printing has been improved thanks to a streamlined architecture with improved client compatibility, better integration with Windows hosts, faster session startup, and support on 64-bit hosts.

Performance Auto-Tuning.

A new graphics engine optimizes performance for heavy graphics applications when used over low bandwidth connections.

Faster Application Startup.

Per-process CPU and memory usage overhead are greatly reduced, so applications start more quickly and consume less memory.

USB Drive and Printer Redirection.

Access to local USB drives and printers is supported.

Improved Application Compatibility.

GO-Global Windows Host 4 has a simpler interface to the operating system, providing enhanced compatibility with both x86 and x64 applications.

Upgrade Migration Tool.

An automatic upgrade tool is provided as part of the installation to ease the migration from GO-Global for Windows 3.2 to GO-Global Windows Host 4.

Dynamic Display Resize.

GO-Global Windows Host 4 automatically adjusts the session’s resolution when users reconnect to sessions from different computers or change the resolution of the client computer’s display.

Familiar User Interface.

GO-Global Windows Host 4 has a new look, but it works just like GO-Global for Windows Version 3.2, allowing users to upgrade to GO-Global 4 with little or no retraining.

Client Support.

GO-Global 4 desktop clients run natively on Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Mac OS X computers. GO-Global 4 mobile clients run on mobile devices such as Apple iPad (and Android available soon). GO-Global 4 browser clients run in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.

Five Reasons


1. Access Application Anywhere from Any Platform

Not only is GO-Global an efficient Web-enabling and application virtualization solution, it’s also a cross-platform solution. So now Linux users can run Windows applications. Windows users can run UNIX and Linux programs. Mac users can run Windows applications. Mix and match for the most effective application access solution.

2. Web-Enable in Less than 15minutes

With GO-Global there’s no need to re-engineer your applications for the Web. Without touching a single line of code, you can instantly make your Windows, UNIX and Linux application accessible from any Web browser on any platform.

3. Save Your Time & Money

GO-Global is the easy, cost-effective application delivery solution. There’s nothing extra to buy and no code to be rewritten. Just plug and play. And unlike other solutions, GO-Global is offered on a cost-effective, concurrent licensing basis. So you’ll maximize the value of your current applications while lowering your total cost of ownership.

4. Take Advantage of Enhanced Security

Distributed applications open up potential security exposures. That’s why GO-Global’s unique architecture has been specifically designed to retain your mission-critical applications and sensitive data securely on a central server behind your corporate firewall. What’s more, GO-Global transmissions are fully encrypted, including 56-bit DES to 168-bit 3DES or 256-bit AES SSL encryption.

5. Eliminate Citrix and Microsoft RDS

GO-Global eliminates the need for cumbersome add-on infrastructure such as Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (previously WTS) or Citrix. Unlike those products, GO-Global incorporates our patented, high-performance RXP protocol. RXP provides fast, efficient access, even over high latency dial-up lines and Internet connections.



Price: MYR 1,888.00

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