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Sage UBS nine (Version 2015) is introduced as a business management software that aims to lower operational cost and reduce risk for a more profitable and sustainable business.

Sage UBS nine(Version 2015) Accounting Module which comes with all the basic accounting functions, such as cash flow management, accounting processes, multi-currency, budgeting and accounts consolidation, to name a few.

As an instrument of growth, Sage UBS nine supports up to 10 concurrent users and unlimited number of administration (companies).  Sage UBS nine Accounting module single user license is priced at RM1,650*. As your business steadily grows, you have the option of expanding your user base at RM600* per user.


Product Overview

UBS Accounting comes in DOS and Windows version. Many features are
available in the system to enable companies to handle their work easier
and faster. It has multiple language capabilities that consist of English,
Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and Thai language. Its modules include General
Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable and are able to
operate accounting entries up to 18 months of accounting period.
UBS Accounting is suitable for most companies and businesses such as:-

Trading Companies
Non-Profit Organizations
Training Institutions
Accounting Firms
Manufacturing Companies
Co-operative Society
It performs the functions of Assets Register for an organization namely;
Collating the new assets acquired information
Maintain the organization assets historical records
Compute the depreciation of assets
Determine the gain or loss on disposal of assets
Standard and user-defined financial and management reports
Facilitates budgeting process in an organization
Facilitates management controls of business activities
Enhances cash flow and assets management
Fully integrates with UBS Stock Control and UBS Assets Register
A single point of control on all assets
Accurate record of all assets you have
Facilitates assets planning
Comprehensive assets tracking and reporting
Basic Features Include:
A software that is able to handle and speed up all accounting functions in an organization
Able to handle multiple company transactions
Multiple currency function
Provide different levels of data access security
Flexibility in modifying any transaction
Capable of handling transactions up to 18 months
Ability to record advance and post-dated cheques
Omitted entries from the previous month could be inserted effortlessly
Able to compute sales commission to agent
Goods & Services Tax (GST) computation function
Able to generate audit trail reports
Unrealised Gain/Loss computation
Monthly profit/Loss and Balance Sheet report
Consolidated Account
Support USB Key
Project account
A software that is able to aid the management of Assets in an organization
Multiple company function
Numerous levels of security control
Various depreciation methods apply
Flexible asset life or rate computation
Effortless to computation on gain/loss of Fixed Assets
Assets detail listing
Supplier's, employee's, department and custodian details listing
Historical assets listing
Depreciation schedule can be in monthly or yearly
Multi payment code
Auto calculate gain/loss of disposal value
Assets can be transferred by location, department, project and etc
Easy way of assets duplication or revaluation
Security Maintenance
Multi currency maintenance
Insurance maintenance
Integrated with UBS Accounting System
All UBS Accounting, reports are pre define. However, most of the reports can be modified to suit your requirements. Exporting to Microsoft Excel has been included for Financial Reporting. Some standard reports are:
General ledger Listing
Trial balance
Trading, Profit & Loss Account
Balance Sheet
Fixed Assets Depreciation Report
Manufacturing Account
Trading, Profit & Loss Account for individual project
Cash Flow
Budget & Variance Reports
Gain/Loss on disposal of Fixed Assets
Bank Reconciliation
Debtors & Creditors Statements
Debtors & Creditors Listing and Labels
Debtors & Creditors Aging Report
Receipts printing
Payment Vouchers printing and management reports
Assets listing report
Depreciation summary by assets
Report wizard
Assets movement summary report
Fixed assets disposal report
Asset addition report
Revaluation report Historical listing report


Price: MYR 1,650.00

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